General Director of Liliani presented the innovative technologies for preserving raw materials for the production of compound animal feedstuff.

At the conference "The Industry of Compound Animal Feedstuff - the Driver of Livestock Production", which took place on April 14 in Moscow at Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya Hotel, Armen Nalbandyan talked about low-cost technological solutions for storage of raw material bases and revealed the economic effect of this approach.

The participants of the conference were professionals of all the industries associated with compound animal feedstuff: companies that produce feed, components and equipment for it; producers of meat, eggs, milk; participants in grain markets, premixes, mill cakes and oilseed meals; representatives of science, experts and consultants.

The Director General of Liliani, LLC Armen V. Nalbandyan made a report in which a specific solution to reduce the cost of feed by reducing storage costs was suggested. Such a solution is the way to preserve feed bases and raw materials in sealed plastic bags.

The structure of income and expenditures of meat producers was examined, the factors that currently hinder the receipt of high profits were analyzed, and the concept of upgrading the linear elevator by introducing storage in the bags was discussed.

The examples shown are based on real experience of a number of Russian and Kazakh enterprises and they contain practical economic indicators.


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