The grain transfer trailer (GTT) is a tractor-trailed chaser bin equipped with auger unloading system. It has a function of a transport and storage link in various logistic operations, including handling, storing, transportation and reloading of bulk products with diameter of particles of no more than 20 mm (for example, wheat, corn, sunflower seeds, soybeans, granulated grain coarse meals, granulated fertilizers, etc.)

The logistic schemes which use grain transfer trailers during harvesting and sowing are rated as ‘three-link’ in a chain of combine harvester or sowing machines, grain transfer trailer and truck and are capable to speed up operational efficiency by 30-40% due to elimination of delays of the essential machines – i.e. combine harvesters and sowing machines.

On harvesting the GTT is used for receiving grain from harvesters and for conveying it to trucks.
On sowing the GTT is used for high-speed loading of seed drills and planters with seeds and fertilizers.
In storage the GTT is used as a transporting and loading unit on packing grain into long on-ground plastic bags.
A special Hopper version of GTT is made for loading grain cars on railroads. 

The users of all Liliani GGTs have an exclusive option of load-flow control on harvesting, sowing and loading of hopper cars by means of the weighing & data transmission system and special software.

You can use the GTT grain transfer trailers in the following way:
— for high-speed loading of seed drills and planters on sowing;
— as a buffer zone between combine harvesters and trucks on harvesting, providing elimination of idle periods;
— for other logistic operations related to transportation and handing of bulk products.


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