Liliani’s machinery is available for purchase through Rosagroleasing AO.

Rosagroleasing AO, a state-owned leasing company established in 2001 to resolve tasks of the Government of the Russian Federation connected with technical and technological modernization of the local agro-industrial complex. The authorized capital of Rosagroleasing AO is more than 83 billion rubles, 99.99 % shares are owned by the Russian Federation.
Rosagroleasing AO proposes to lessees 5,000 subjects of the lease from more than 90 manufacturing plants.

Subjects of the lease:

  • agricultural machinery: tractors, combine harvesters, towing equipment and attachments;
  • motor vehicles: lorries and light motor vehicles, minibuses;
  • grain elevator equipment;
  • livestock equipment;
  • processing equipment;
  • breeding animals: cows, pigs, sheeps, goats, horses, deer.

Rosagroleasing AO provides the most profitable conditions of cooperation:

  • the rate of remuneration under finance leases (leasing contracts) (hereinafter – contracts) that has no market analogs: agricultural machinery and equipment – 3.5 %, breeding animals – 1.5 %;
  • periods of contracts are consistent with periods of useful life of subjects of the lease and may be up to 10 years;
  • rendering following services: delivery of agricultural machinery “to a farm”, privileged insurance, registration, technical maintenance;
  • providing additional unique discounts from manufacturers (up to 25 %), extended periods of warranty service ( the average period is 2 years), the suppliers of Rosagroleasing AO can create mobile servicing teams to repair machinery ‘in fields”;
  • convenient customer services: “Customer’s personal account”, free telephone consulting, etc.

For more information on the lease of machinery, equipment and animals please refer to the official website of Rosagroleasing AO. Also, you can dial a free telephone number +7 (800) 200-53-95.

Address: 26, ulitsa Pravdy, 125040 Moscow.


Scheme of purchasing machinery and equipment through Rosagroleasing AO


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