Technology of the grain storage in plastic bags

The essence of this technology is the air tightness of storage. After a bag is closed, the special three layer polyethylene will preserve grain from the air, ultraviolet, and moisture. In the process of natural breathing of grain and microorganisms the mass fraction of oxygen is significantly reduced while the fraction of carbon dioxide is increased. СО2 is an ideal natural preservative. A pathogen dies in the carbon dioxide environment, and biological processes slow down providing for high-quality storage.

There 2 standards of bags: with the length of 60 and 75 m, and the capacity of 200 and 250 tons accordingly. You can easily calculate the number of bags requisite for the preservation of your harvest. You don’t need special sites to place them – bags can be unfolded directly in the field. The main condition is an even surface cleared from sharp objects and stalks that can damage a bag. Density – 5,000 tons of grain per 1 hectare.

This storage method is suitable for wet and seed grain.


Advantages of the technology of the grain storage in plastic bags:

1. High quality of grain preservation.

As practice shows, the grain storage in plastic bags is not worse, but sometimes even better than elevator storage.

2. Safe long-time storage of seed and wet grain.

Due to the lack of any biological processes in an oxygen-free environment, wet grain is protected from heating and other negative impacts.

The seed grain does not lose its seeding qualities in the process of storage and completely meets the requirements to a seeding material.

3. Possibility to grade grain precisely and manage quality by the fine mixing of different grades.

With this technology, you can surely extract from a bag the grain of the same quality as it was loaded. There is no problem of mixing your grain with the grain of third-party companies, as at elevators. Besides, by the fine mixing one can reach the higher class of grain and gain more profit for his harvest.

4. Low costs.

When using the bag technology, the operational costs are approximately 150 rubles per ton, while the elevator storage costs are approximately 2,500 rubles per ton. The investments in a machinery fleet are also insignificant and far lower than the costs of construction of grain warehouses and elevators.

The grain bagging process: grain is conveyed into a grain bagger, then it fills a bag with grain. When it gets full, the tractor and the bagger keep moving under the pressure of incoming grain. Bag tension can be controlled with the bagger brakes.

Nowadays even few elevators in Russia use this technology extending its own capacities of storage and receiving grain at the harvest season. They put grain into all receiving procedures and then store grain in bags instead of a silo.

This technology is of the essence for other business directions. It can be applied for raw storage in any processing (grain, corn, oil seeds, schrot, bran, etc.). Animal breeders and chicken breeders can store raw for the production of animal feed. In grain trading, the storage in plastic bags can be used to consolidate commercial batches of grain and profitable logistic placement of storage sites.


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